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The Storm

I see the ominous, foreboding clouds
Congregating at the edge of the horizon
As you approach me upon this rocky precipice.
Your gait,
Sharp like the wind that whips mercilessly around us,
Betrays your reason for meeting me here
On this late summer’s eve.
I brace myself for what is to come,
What is to transpire,
Between us this night.
I don’t want this to end,
To cease,
To fade into oblivion,
As I know it will.
Soon, all too soon,
You are standing in front of me.
Your eyes,
The color of the sapphire sea
That extends before us,
Transpierce even the shadows of my soul.
Lightning illuminates the indigo sky
And exposes the raw expression of fear and confusion
That I wear upon my face.
Where is the truth
That once lay between us?
To where has it fled?
I want to know.
Yet you don’t tell me.
You simply shake your head,
And before I can realize,
You have departed from me,
Have left me alone on this cliff
As the first raindrops cascade down my cheeks
And blend with my trickling tears.


One response to “The Storm

  1. magical word panting, you have brought the storm to life.

    Poetry Picnic Week 3 is open for submission until Thursday, 1 to 3 random poems are welcome…

    Welcome in, free and fun…

    Glad to discover your poetry talent, hope to see you share.
    Bless your Tuesday.

    missed your presence, welcome back to us.

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