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Is this how I am to be?
Shackled – afraid – alone?
Locked within the human mind
Left to be touched only by the mad
And revered, but lost, to the kind?

I was once the pinnacle of greatness
I gave you all of your worldly desires
Now you cast me away to the insane
The artists, the poets, the liars

As time wears away and you grow old
Your mind’s great wealth of power
Will begin to wither away and die
And it is upon that single hour
That you will pursue the lie

And you will know that you cannot
For I was tossed away long ago
Broken like your brittle bones
And like a beast, you left me so

No, you did not keep me
So I shan’t keep you
And don’t beg for my return
When your days are through


About wgwinfrey

I'm currently a student at the University of Missouri, studying strategic communications at the school of journalism. Although I spend most of my time working, studying, sleeping, or hanging out with friends, I do get to direct some of my energy to other interests, such as video games, books, and writing.

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