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My Time

How silly I must look

Entirely unbalanced and

Teetering on the precipice of life

With these legs made of rubber

Unable to support these arms of lead

And an empty heart

Incabable of leading this bursting mind

Would it really be so bad if I just


Then your hand grips my arm

Bringing balance to my life once more

And your eyes find mine

Encouraging me to live

And your heart

Your heart

Is what inspires me to save others

From slipping through the cracks

As you did for me


About prettycoolchick

I love sports, team efforts, and people in general! At least, that's what you see on the outside. Internally, all of these things stress me out, and expectations from others keep me from my true loves: Music. Art. Writing. Performing. Allow me to be clichè if I may, but I've got to be me, through prose and poetry :)

One response to “My Time

  1. Christine Benson ⋅

    This is awesome! And you used one of our vocab words (precipice)! I love the visual of rubber legs and leaden arms trying to balance and support. It’s a great representation of helpless.

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