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Must I speak in poems for you to hear me
Or do you ignore me intentionally
I left out punctuation so you could criticize
With your critical gaze and concrete eyes
Is that what it’ll take to earn recognition
Do you find that finding faults is your greatest mission
I don’t mind being wrong to learn what is right
You should cast away pride and take on this sight
To see that I care not for your amendments
Or your inconsiderate comments
I only wish that you would take the time
To notice that you’re the rhythm to my rhyme
For I can see beyond your cynical mask
You have a heart a soul and a broken past
I can pick up the pieces and bring you home
Because just like you I too am alone


About prettycoolchick

I love sports, team efforts, and people in general! At least, that's what you see on the outside. Internally, all of these things stress me out, and expectations from others keep me from my true loves: Music. Art. Writing. Performing. Allow me to be clichè if I may, but I've got to be me, through prose and poetry :)

One response to “Guarded

  1. Christine Benson ⋅

    This one is so raw and your emotions are so clear. Really hit home for me. Nicely done!

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