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The Silent War

Blades of grass
Tackling one another
After a long, deep slumber
Beneath a starry blanket
Soaked in dew from the effort
Of parrying each gentle blow
Egged on by the flow
Of a gentle breeze
Made to battle until Winter
Or until a greater threat arrives


About wgwinfrey

I'm currently a student at the University of Missouri, studying strategic communications at the school of journalism. Although I spend most of my time working, studying, sleeping, or hanging out with friends, I do get to direct some of my energy to other interests, such as video games, books, and writing.

One response to “The Silent War

  1. The imagery here was magnificent. I feel like I was tugged along with the blades of grass. The last line left me an eerie feeling. Leaves me wondering what the “greater threat” could be.
    Loved it.

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