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Come Back With Me

I’m sorry I’ve been so distant
Wallowing in the marsh of perpetual stress
Held by the world under endless duress.
I forgot that I wasn’t alone
You’re out there juggling my problems
Struggling in your own time to solve them.
We have both been remiss
Neglecting happiness for another’s satisfaction
Denying what calls to our attraction.
I want to let you in again
The layers of my mind peeled back once more
I bare myself and expose my core.
Only with you I share me
I plead be careful of my vulnerable state
I’m back and benevolent and easy to break.

About prettycoolchick

I love sports, team efforts, and people in general! At least, that's what you see on the outside. Internally, all of these things stress me out, and expectations from others keep me from my true loves: Music. Art. Writing. Performing. Allow me to be clichè if I may, but I've got to be me, through prose and poetry :)

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