All of the Above

It’s true.

They don’t understand.

They don’t get it.


When I say it’s been life-changing,

I mean it.

But they don’t understand.


They think this is just some

expensive escapade,

and laugh–

they don’t believe

some lame nerd camp

can make the difference.

Well, let me tell you.


I’ve never felt so attached

to people I just met;

never learned so much

about who I am;

never thought so far outside the box

that I couldn’t find it again if I tried;

never had such an appetite

for knowledge;

never been myself and

perfectly content to be so…


I’ve learned to look beyond

“all of the above”–

sometimes you’ve got to choose;

and boy, am I glad I chose this.


But in this case,

look to all of the above.

All of the above defines me.

I’ve learned to be who I am

through all of the above.

Those people,



this poem.


Hard to believe three weeks could mean so much.