I will hold you down.
I am your limits.
I keep you from your dreams
I am what you race against
I am who keeps you from immortality,
You beg me to run by faster
You beg me to slow down
You beg me to stop
You dream of manipulating me
You dream of tying me down
And subjugating me as another of your tools
But I am the ethereal substance around you
Untouchable, invisible, and yet you feel me
I am the shadow that guides you by hand to your grave
And when you look your last
You will see my smile
And know that I still march on.



Dagger in my heart
One for each passing minute
Waiting in anticipation
Or dreading the inevitable

Minutes stretch into hours
Expand into days
Explode into weeks
Which stretch into months
Expand into years
Explode into decades
And crystallize in history

Where time is infinitely measurable
Finite is any individual’s time
My heart, by now
Has grown around these daggers
Embraced these scars
And called them beautiful